Kasoft Software is developing a large number of systems. However, it is Kasoft's accepted practice not to release systems until they are definitely ready for prime-time. The following list of systems includes possible future releases only, and no promises are made as to the viability of them receiving any scale of distribution.

  • The Prodesy environment, the Prodetex documentation language, and KaProdesy implementation, including the following application suite:
    • KaData, a hierarchical object database
    • KaWord, a hierarchical wordprocessor
    • KaSheet, a spreadsheet
    • KaVector, a drawing program
  • The following Java-based solutions:
    • Kasm, an ARM assembler
    • KaArk, a filing system solution
    • FileBox, a filer interface (ARM release withdrawn, awaiting 32-bit PC version)
    • Hunter6, a filer plug-in
    • KaNet, a filer plug-in for web browsing
  • The following ARM-based solutions:
    • FiletypeExtend, a filing system extension (release withdrawn awaiting 32-bit PC version)
    • Hunter4, a filer plug-in (Hunter3 release withdrawn awaiting 32-bit PC version)
    • Hunter5, a filing system utility
    • KaData utilities, an assembler library
    • Banner, an operating system extension (release withdrawn, awaiting 32-bit PC version)
    • FileWrapHandler, a filing system extension
    • FileMemorizer, a filing system extension
    • AddressDevice DA, a filing system (release withdrawn, awaiting 32-bit PC version)
    • AntiSpam 1k, a POP client (current release)
    • PrintUtil, a print-a-window utility
    • MultiAS, a POP client extension (current release)
    • RatPack projects
    • Playtex, a presentation editor
    • Quantel, an image distorion tool
    • Colourist, a colourspace mapping tool
  • The following cross-platform solutions:
    • Multipoly, a Monopoly game system
    • The Dealer, a card game system
    • Floaties, a mathematical toolkit
    • Discus, an advanced disc editor
  • The following operating system model:
    • KaOS, an operating system model

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